Guest co-host at Python Bytes Podcast Ep#227

I had a wonderful opportunity to be a guest co-host for Python Bytes Ep#227. Thanks so much Michael Kennedy and Brian Okken! :)

In this episode, we talked about:

  • - retracting releases from PyPi instead of removing
  • - SQLAlchemy 1.4.6 Released
  • - django-tenants
  • - pre-commit CI
  • - Snyk (Python) Package Advisor
  • - PyWebIO

WitCon 2021: A Magic Carpet Ride to Python

I designed this workshop to be a fun and playful way to learn Python.

In this 30-min workshop, I quickly taught the basics of Python and its many possibilities.

Earlier in my career, when I discovered Python, I immediately fell in love with it and its community. Since then, several amazing things happened and here I am today using it as my programming language of choice for work and hobby projects.

I truly believe that it's indeed the "language of getting things done" and the supportive community just makes it easier to learn more about it! My goal is to share that feeling and experience to you.

If you missed the workshop, you can still watch the recording and browse through the materials here:

STEMerging Careers: Software Engineering and Tech Communities

Interview with Girls Will Code for "STEMerging Careers" webinar where we talked about Software Engineering and Tech Communities.

Watch the fb live recording here.

PyLokal EP#1: Top Concerns of Python Beginners

We talked about some of the concerns of people new to Python or deciding if Python is the right tool for them. We also shared some ideas on learning Python and how to stay motivated in the process.

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